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The answer is YES!

Your Questions we can answer Yes! to
[Inspired by Basecamp's 'YesAQ' page.]

  • Can Standup Bot run my meetings automatically?
  • Does Standupbot work well for teams smaller than 20 people?
  • Does Standupbot work well for teams with 100's of people?
  • Does Standupbot send an email report of everyones standup for the day?
  • Does Standupbot have a scheduled maintenance day?
  • Does it really only take 2 minutes to setup Standupbot?
  • Do we update and maintain Standupbot often?
  • Do we read every support request?
  • Do we respond to every support request?
  • Do we take the Weekends off? (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Do we offer discounts to Schools or Charities?
  • Can I edit my standup if I forgot something?
  • Can I limit the standup to specific users in the channel?
  • Can I transfer the account ownership to someone else in my company?
  • Can I have the subscription invoices emailed to the company accountant?
  • Can I make someone else on my team an Administrator?
  • Are we ever going to integrate with other services?

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