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Standup Bot Status

Standup Bot appears to be up and functioning normally.

It's been 390 days since the last service interruption.

Tuesday, Feb 04 | 05:29 EST
[Changes to Standups] We have released a change to how standups are run. We have a few customers having issues. If you have an issue, please let us know and we can help you ASAP

Friday, Sep 27 | 08:48 EST
Our hosting service provider had issues with our database connecting to our servers that power the Bot and caused an issue with standups starting on time

Tuesday, Jan 22 | 07:46 EST
Teams are not able to add Standupbot to channels at the moment.

Wednesday, Jan 16 | 04:31 EST
[UPDATE] Reduced Trial signup process by 1 click

Sunday, Dec 02 | 01:25 EST
[Resolved] A few days ago we fixed the issue involving Authentication Tokens

Thursday, Nov 29 | 04:04 EST
Slack confirmed some changes were made on their to authentication tokens so we are working to correct the issue as we speak and hope to have this fixed within a few minutes. Everyone would need to go through the signup process again using http://standupbot.com/signup

Thursday, Nov 29 | 02:35 EST
Some customers are reporting the bot not working in channels that were working yesterday. We're working with Slack to figure out what could have caused this issue as it looks like authentication tokens might have been reset on their end.

Friday, Oct 05 | 08:43 EST
[Updated] We released a fix just now that should speed up the "starting" of standups. If any teams have any issues with their standups restarting during our restart period, we will work with those teams one on one.

Friday, Oct 05 | 08:42 EST
Fixing an issue with mixed up standup messages for different members and their entries. We've tracked it down to a certain area of our application and are currently still creating a fix for this.

Tuesday, May 29 | 05:43 EST
Deployed a critical update to core library. One team experienced an interruption with their standup during that deploy. If any others do, please contact us and we'll get your standup restarted!

Tuesday, Apr 10 | 09:25 EST
Upgrading our SSL certificates

Monday, Apr 09 | 08:13 EST
[FIXED] Some standups were not starting on time. Or some standups just stopped working altogether. We have found and fixed the issue finally. THere were standups "getting stuck" dude to surprise outages for our servers. We've added the appropriate restart mechanism and are glad to say we haven't heard of this issue for the last few days.

Thursday, Mar 22 | 11:50 EST
Our database server is having connection due t o where it is physically located. Some standups are not starting on time because of this.

Monday, Jan 08 | 11:35 EST
[Updated] We have updated the screen where Administrators can view their current channels. Channels that are archived are no longer shown in this screen as it was creating some confusion to see them in the curren list of channels.

Monday, Jan 08 | 04:14 EST
We had another outage due to our queueing server filling up fast because of a lot of standups. It was not a bug luckily. It was another spike in usage that we didn't catch again. Our developers assured us we have another alert for that type of usage spike and will not cause our servers to melt again from that.

Monday, Dec 04 | 08:51 EST
Queueing server monitor memory threshold was met extremely quick due to more new customers that have come on with a spike. Added more memory.

Monday, Dec 04 | 11:07 EST
There are still a few standups experiencing problems starting. We are looking into the root cause right now to make sure they were restarted correctly.

Monday, Nov 27 | 10:44 EST
Deployed to several new servers to help with scaling issues. Some standups have been restarted automatically.

Tuesday, Nov 21 | 11:49 EST
More customers have signup and we're now experiencing issues with standups starting at 9AM and 10AM EST (we're adding more servers as we speak to handle this new growth)

Tuesday, Nov 14 | 09:42 EST
We've had 2 teams write in about standups not starting at their correct time. We're investingating why this is happening to a these few teams currently.